Products & Services

The following list describes some of the projects that the team members of EES Technologies Inc and its Partner Engel Engineering Services GmbH have covered in the past.

For a description of our Flagship product Televet 100 please click on this link.

Medical / Dicom:

  • Implementation of a DICOM modality for recording of ECG Waveform data and with various PACS systems and worklist servers.
  • Implementation of a DICOM ECG Waveform viewer.
  • Implementation of a system for conversion of proprietary ECG format to DICOM Waveform format and DICOM Waveform format to proprietary ECG format.


  • Design & development of various Solutions on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android for acquisition, management and upload of ECG streams to a telemedicine provider.
  • Design, development and operation of a Streaming Gateway that stores and forwards live ECG streams from mobile networks to Internet clients.
  • Design, development and operation of a cloud-based ECG storage and exchange system.
  • Design and development of a ECG analysis and classification system for computer supported ECG analysis
  • Design & development of a browser-based functionality for display of live ECG streams as well as functionality for ECG diagnosis and assessment.


  • Design, development and manufacturer management for a device capable of recording high-resolution ECG streams, inclusive forwarding via Bluetooth and Holter functionality.
  • Design & development of a wall-mountable unit for conversion of parallel ECG streams from Bluetooth to TCP/IP using Raspberry compute module.
  • Development of IoT software using Arduino GSMShield for transmission of measurements and geolocation data via mobile network and data display on an embedded web widget.
  • Design, development and manufacturer management for device that measures thickness of steel rebars embedded in concrete for quality assurance in the construction industry.


  • Design & development of an Android application for streaming of ECG data from embedded devices to mobile networks.
  • Design & development of a multi-platform (Android / iOS)  Application for Monitoring & Display of ECG streams incl. Holter functionality.
  • Design & development of a solution for Privacy risk assessment of Android applications via crowd-based application behavior monitoring (patent pending).
  • Design & development of a Toolset for crowd-based Quality of Service determination (QoS) for mobile networks (patent pending).
  • Design & development of a system for location of lost/stolen mobile devices.
  • Design & development of an Android-based solution providing “piece of mind” for family members caring for their children and the elderly.

Windows, MacOS:

  • System for monitoring, recording, management and offline analysis of ECG data.
  • System for ECG Holter Analysis and specialized expert solutions, such as fetomaternal heart-rate analysis.

Server Development and Operation

  • Specification, Design and Implementation of an XML-IDL based compiler/encoding system for RPC calls over limited bandwidth networks (SMS).
  • Design and Implementation of an XML-based regression test system.
  • Development and Operation of streaming, storage and exchange platform for ECGs.
  • Development and Operation of multi-modal (SMS/Web) applications services (email, news, sports and more).
  • Development and Operation of a solution for determination and management of commission payments in the area of precious metal trading.
  • Traffic forecast, Linux cluster design and capacity validation.


  • Supply chain management for development of embedded devices (supplier selection, procurement, manufacturer management, quality assurance).
  • Management of software development projects with team members distributed over multiple continents and time zones.